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Welcome to our website, Troys Fence is the Premiere Quality Aluminum Gate Manufacture in the Coastal Bend region, with over 30 years experience and many exclusive design & innovations manufactured in house right here in Corpus Christi, TX no shipping cost no shipping damage for you to quarrel over, With our gate design software see & approve your gate design pre-installation, no unpleasant surprise after your gate is already installed and too late for any design change. At Troys Fence we do not strive to be cheapest in price we strive to be best in quality, providing value to our customers, if you want a gate call anyone if you want a gate done right  call Troys Fence.
    • Gate finishpaint does not adhere to aluminum easily or in most cases not at all after UV exposure it will begin to crack and break off. Powder coat finish, which consists of various grades, is the best option. Here at Troy's Fence we only use commercial grade on our gates. This makes gates we build more durable as compared to import gates with lighter powder coat finishes.
    • Gauge of aluminum materials: perimeter frame should be 1/8" thick material. Economy gates: 1-1/2" square tubing and or channel. Commercial grade gates: 2" square tubing and or channel  , uprights pickets minimum 3/4" square tubing .062 gauge. Entire gate should be sufficiently braced and of welded construction, this will prevent gate frame from racking (sagging out of square) once hung on its hinges.
    • Hinge post: The foundation of the entire gate / gate opener system . If done wrong home owner can expect to pay TWICE for their gate system. A hinge post pulled out of plumb by constant weight  of gate and ground shift will, over a short period of time, ruin the gate opener attached to it. Most companies set their post 3 ft deep , this will not hold up, we go a minimum of 4 ft deep on economy model gates. However, we recommend 6 ft deep especially in Corpus Christi soil. We have innovated an optional but crucial feature for our hinge post, please read of this  on this websites "innovations" labeled "tab adjustable hinge post."
    • Hinge post materials: if installing a gate opener you should always avoid these materials: wood, aluminum, and black steel. Over time the wood post will warp and eventually split apart, an aluminum post can tear open and probably begin to flex(droop) , and black steel will rust from the inside out. A galvanized steel post with a powder coat finish is the practical choice for long term use.
    • Gate hardware: most economy model gates will come with a j-bolt type hinge that requires periodic greasing,  this can be both messy and time consuming requiring special tools. However, this maintenance is almost never done by end users which results in broken hinges. Here at Troy's Fence recommend double sealed bearings hinge, which require no grease and are very durable especially where heavy gates are concerned.  Roll gate hardware likewise it is much better to have galvanized or aluminum mounting brackets and double sealed bearings
    • Contractorsis your contractor licensed and does your contractor carry general liability insurance, if the answer is no (a red flag) that's probably why he is cheap. In the gate opener business cheapest is never best. Trust me on this one we redo many improperly installed systems , costing from $1500.00 up to $10,000.00 SOMETIMES MORE!!
    • Gate diagramming: if your contractor cannot provide you a gate diagram prior to job commencement ,he is DABBLING in the gate business. These gate systems are too expensive to end up with a gate you do not particularly like or functions improperly. Most prefabbed commercially produced gates manufactures offer limited design selection requiring extensive modification to accommodate a gate opener, which leads to more expense for you.
    • Excessive welding:  Troy’s Fence has innovated modular installation techniques that require little, in most cases no welding. Why is this important? Should a particular hardware item need future replacement it can simply be un-bolted and a replacement part bolted in its place.  Should a part be welded on and need replacement it will be removed with a grinding tool and its replacement welded back on. However, welding destroys powder coat finishes as well as underlying galvanized finish allowing rust to set in which will eventually lead to more costs.


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