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Listed on this page are a few reasons you may want to consider Troy’s fence for your driveway gate installation. We are not least expensive and we prefer not to cut price at the expense of quality!  Here you will find many innovative installation techniques exclusive to Troy’s fence co.  Thanks! -Troy
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE YOUR GATE "MOCKED-UP" : Any Aluminum Gate of quality will have a powder coat finish. Once this finish is applied there can be no welding / alteration done to your gate. Troy's Fence provides Computer rendering to all of our customers for design approval. Pre-gate fabrication and mock-up provides customers a second opportunity for minor alterations before powder coat is applied. Mass produced / internet purchased gates once delivered are yours and leaves no chance for alterations . This means once delivered, the internet purchased gate is yours whether it meets your specifications or not.  Here at Troy's Fence we pride ourselves in being completely transparent when it comes to the status of your gate. See your gate fully operational before it is installed on your property.  Your gate will be displayed here in  our shop. This allows you, the customer, to make any last minor changes before your product is powder coated and delivered to your property. This is very important due to the fact that welding cannot be done on gates that have been powder coated. DO NOT settle for unpleasant surprises. 

Here are a few examples of gates that have been "mocked -up":

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